In the State of Michigan, a jury trial is a matter of right in criminal cases. In civil law suits, a jury trial is an option available to the parties, but there is a required fee for requesting a jury trial in a civil law suit. In Michigan, juries are made up of six citizens, except for criminal felonies (offenses in which a convicted defendant may be sentenced to a year of more in prison), which have twelve person juries.

How was I selected for jury service?
The jury selection process is a random process from start to finish. Initially, your name was among those from Macomb County randomly selected from the State of Michigan drivers' license and state identification lists. From the initial pool of juror candidates received from the State, the Macomb County Jury Commission issues qualification and personal history questionnaires to a randomly selected sample. Upon receipt of the completed qualification questionnaires, the Jury Commission reviews and qualifies potential jurors according to law. Questionnaires for a random pool of qualified jurors from Eastpointe are then forwarded to the 38th District Court for summoning.

If I have a schedule conflict with when I've been summoned, can I get rescheduled?

If upon receiving your summons you realize you have a scheduling conflict (for example, a pre-purchased/planned vacation, a scheduled medical procedure, a business trip, etc.), contact the 38th District court Jury Clerk for information on rescheduling your service. No more than one postponement will be granted. 

Will serving on jury duty affect my job?
Your employer is required by law to release you for jury service. An employer who discharges, disciplines, or threatens an employee because they are summoned for jury duty may be charged with a misdemeanor and also may be punished for contempt of court. In addition, an employer may be charged with a misdemeanor if they force an employee to work any number of hours during a day which, in combination with the hours serviced as a juror that day, exceeds the number of hours normally worked and customarily worked by the persons during a day (unless otherwise provided in a collective bargaining agreement).

Although not mandated by State law, many employers will continue to pay you during you jury service. As mandated by law, jurors receive no less than $25/day ($12.50/half day) for the first day of jury service; $40/day for each subsequent ($20/half day).

What if I've moved do I still have to serve?
If you have moved outside of the jurisdiction of the Eastpointe 38th District Court  you may be excused from service by forwarding a copy of your drivers license with the change of address noted by the Secretary of State's Office to the Jury Clerk. 

What can I expect as a juror at the 38th District Court?
The 38th District Court conducts jury trials during one week each month and uses a “one week – one trial” jury system. This means that your term of service will last for the duration of the selection process (a maximum of one week, but typically 1 – 3 days) or the duration of one trial if you are seated on a jury. Occasionally, a trial may continue beyond 1 week. District Court trials are for misdemeanor criminal offenses (offenses in which a convicted defendant may be sentenced up to a maximum of 1 year in jail) and civil law suits in which the amount in dispute is less than $25,000. occasionally a trial may continue beyond 1 week.